Ginny Chen

you are here

you are here is a collection of student work that explores looking back to move forward.  

The task

Curate the best student work from eight design programs offered at the School of Design. The book must include infographic data as well as provide an overall theme. 

The Goal

To showcase the amazing talent as well as attract potential students.

About the Book Design

The book starts with a line, the line changes depending on what is on the page. A series of dots appear asking the viewer how do you get from A to B when we live in a multitude of possibilities. We circle around the theme of identity and lost, this narrative guided the way the projects were presented. Each project looks back and inspires the next page, whether it is links through colour, shape or theme. 

Departing from the bulky square format from older annual, the size of the book is slimmer giving it a taller elegant art book feel. Although the thick cover and unusual binding gives it a higher-end look, the smaller book is less intimating and approachable. The projects displayed are given lots of white space, emphasis each piece as important art work rather than grouping multiple pieces and losing focus. 

Design Direction

jo enaje

Content Curator
Jane Weber

Daniela Mason
Ginny Chen

luigi ferrara
Elise Hodson
Stan Morantz

Andora Graphics

Applied arts, Brochures & catalogue 2015–2016

uVU Design and Print Excellence Award 2016–2017