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roselle desserts

Roselle Desserts is a humble pastry shop dedicated to excellent desserts and the pursuit of daily happiness. 


The task

Being a young business, Roselle was missing that design aesthetic that define their brand.

About THE Design

Roselle is a small shop, but we took that cozy feeling and reflected it into the design.

Together we created a more distinct look from signage, to promotional material to building custom merchandising displays and serving trays. 

Minimal, approachable and warm were the key words that we felt best represented Roselle.


The projects

We redesigned the signage with a more handwritten but clean font, added fun hand drawn illustrations, switch to using soft matte paper for our promotional print pieces and celebrated the desserts by doing large oversize images of the pastries. The custom display stands were also built by hand and used their signature birch wood. This allowed them to bring the Roselle experience to any pop up or event space. 

about the Brand

Roselle Desserts is an humble awarded winning pastry shop located in Corktown, Toronto. They take flavours from places they've lived and worked in the past and experiment with new pastries based on seasonal produces. Their motto has always been letting the desserts speak for itself and bring happiness to their loyal customers everyday. 

Design diretion
Graphic Design

Ginny Chen

Ginny Chen

Display Stand Design
Kevin Wang
Ginny Chen

Roselle Dessert
Tiffany Trinidad
Chatelaine Kitchen

Roselle desserts


Fun fact

For a few months, I was their crêpe apprentice! #i ate all the scrapes