Ginny Chen


Hedj produces local handmade bags. This book showcases her more recent spring summer collection.

About the project

In preparation of her new collection, the designer wanted to showcase new and past custom pieces. The purpose was of this project was to create a high end portfolio piece that Hedj could carry to shows or at meetings with clients.

About the book design

Every aspect of the hardcover book was reflective and inspired by the designer herself. The all black cover and a faint foil stamp of the brand was an nod to her signature head to toe black outfits and quiet nature. Being a designer of few words, the book is purely images, with no text. This not only highlighted the bags but her observational view of the world, blending both nature and people. The style of the photos showcase many beautiful locations in Toronto, to emphasis the local aspect she loved celebrating. 

Thoughts about the project

Curating the images was my favourite part of this process. We wanted to balance both nature & environment with product. To see how the final printed production came together at the end was unbelievable, from the sewn middle to the subtle foil stamping of the all black cover. Shout out to my printer broker Stan the Man!


Hedj started as a local Canadian handmade bag company and has now grown into a successful bag/clothing brand sold internationally. Talented mama Hedj designer, Jihan Victoria, and lead photographer, Danelle Jane Tran collabrated to designed this beautiful book showcasing the spring/summer collection of 2014. Hedj has now moved their nest to Taiwan and Japan but their new collection will be most anticipated! 

Hedj Designer
Jihan Victoria

Lead Photographer
Danelle Jane Tran

Book Designers
Danelle Jane Tran
Ginny Chen

Art Direction
Ginny Chen

Print Broker
Stan Morantz
Andora Graphics