Ginny Chen


greenpeas is an educational tool which give kids the power to affect social change through sustainability challenges.



The task

How do we teach kids about resource management and their environmental impact on the world? 

The Goal

Encourage sustainable behaviours by giving kids the power to engage through challenging their follow friends and community members. 

About the project

Ideas were generated through an International Charrette held by Institute without Boundaries We pitched a simple game tool that could be incorporated into the education system to the city of Markham. The platform got kids to challenge each other and earn points through good deeds.

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Amy Allicock
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Ginny Chen
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Art Direction

Karen Yu

Amy allicock

GreenPeas presented at the London 2012 Olympics as a final candidate in the EDF Sustainability Challenge

Honoured in Sustainable City of The Future: Building Sustainable Cities with Digital Technology Charrette.