Ginny Chen
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Division is a one year research thesis that explores how and why divisions happens in our societies.


The work of the Institute without Boundaries in 2014/15 was guided by this question. In this book, you will find samples from our fieldwork, community interactions, results from charrettes, and design project proposals for Connecting Divided Places.

About the book design

I took the word "division" and used it in every element I could imagine. Exploring grids, spacing, contrasting black and white images. The content had a journalistic feel and I wanted to book to be like an oversize fashion magazine mixed with a newspaper look. 

About the project

Institute without Boundaries post graduated program dedicated their second year of their Regional Ecology project in researching the theme of division. A team of students spend a year doing design research, looking at how division affects regions physically, socially, and digitally. They looked at global stories as well as local issues, the team travelled to Chicago, Detroit and Toronto to look at each of their struggles and opportunities for change. This book represent a their research, key insights and lessons learnt during their year. 



Research, Content and Projects by
Institute without Boundaries
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Luiza Albertini
Phuong Diep
Michael Esteras
InGi Kim
Haotian Liu
Beje Melamed-Turkish
Marta Piedras
Kevin Wang
Hitomi Yokota
James Young

Dean, Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology Director, Institute without Boundaries
Luigi Ferrara

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Christopher Pandolfi

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Heather Daam

Editor, Copywriting
Magda Sabat

Faculty Advisors
Kar Yan Cheung
Paul De Freitas
Kristina Ljubanovic
Susan Speigel
Lauren Wickware

Special Thanks to
The students, faculty and administrative staff
from the 2014–2015
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