Ginny Chen


I am more than a visual problem solver. I am passionate about growth. Intention over beauty.

Why over what. Design through empathy.

Hello, my name is Ginny Chen, I am designer based in Toronto, Canada. I specialize in design direction, branding and user experience.

My design philosophy and aesthetic is never about forcing any one style or trend and stems from user centric design. I have a keen eye for spacing and a love for colour that comes second nature. Whether it's designing books, packaging, social media campaigns or mentoring young french pastry students about how to think like a designer.

Wanna chat? I would love to hear from you! 


Skills & Expertise

Technical with: Adobe CC InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch and Invision. 

program skills

Specialize in: design direction, typography, vector based graphics, branding & identity, book design, packaging, and photo styling.

Passionate about: creative thinking, ideation and understanding users centric design. Knack for connecting random information.



CO-EFFECT (CAA, Cinéfranco, Ontario Health Canada, Liquor Labs), Creative Niche, Espresso Agency (Samsung, HTC), Hedj, George Brown College (School of Design, School of Culinary), Institute without Boundaries (Arup, City of Dublin, Pearson Airport, The Toronto Foundation), Roselle Dessert (AGO, Drake General Store), Shift HealthSloane Fine Tea Merchants, Totem Content (CAA Magazine) and Whitman Emorson (Arts Brookfield, Allied Properties, First Canadian Place)


#Humble brags

Current Obsession: 
Mastering the cello 

Recent Travel: Iceland, Japan, Korea, Merica (New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh

Spare time: Ukuele playing, ceramic wheel throwing, watercolouring, Colors Magazine collecting, salted caramel eating, fabric buying, and bread baking.


semi badassed photo of me bending metal by my talent friend Tiffany Trinidad