Ginny Chen

fifty years

Fifty Years is a handmade, hand-bound book dedicated to my grandparents. 

About the project

This handmade book is a collection of photos documenting 50 years of my grandparents's golden marriage. This was my personal gift to them, but in reality it took the entire family to bring this little book of memories together. 

What makes this gift special was the secret missions my family had to take by sneaking me handful of photos. Although scanning and retouching each photo was quite a task, sometimes they were as small as 1"x 2". The idea was to uncover forgotten photos, blow them up and perhaps help my grandparents find hidden memories in those tiny photos. 

Thoughts about the project

The best part of designing this book was actually making everything from scratch. From cutting the pages, gluing the covers, doing the coptic snitched spine by hand to tracking the four daughters and having them handwrite their letters. 


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Ginny Chen